Product Lineup

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You’ll especially appreciate the compact size and light weight of our professional grade grinders after long jobs. Long cord model available. We are confident that our grinders will deliver outstanding cost performance.

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Electronically controlled variable-speed grinders with constant speed control. Equipped with Soft Start to minimize kickback at startup, these grinders shine at low speeds as the masters of stainless-steel grinding.

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Our traditional straight grinders are equipped with a power motor and support a wide variety of tool bits. Mitachi has long been and still remains the first name in straight grinders.

A new machine dedicated to polishing that makes full use of various advanced tools is now available!

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Halley is the progenitor of high-speed cut-off machines. Available in lightweight yet robust professional type with a high-endurance motor. Comes standard with the highest quality tipped saw blade.

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A high-power motor and a centering vice dramatically improve work efficiency, while a parallel swing mechanism facilitates lateral movement. A tapered (National) shank adaptor enables the drill to accommodate other manufacturers’ broaches.

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The MP series of genuine Mitachi accessories made of rigorously selected high-quality materials. We have an extensive selection of accessories that are optimally matched to Mitachi power tools.