Thin cutting wheel

Tipping saw

Various cutting wheels are available for lineup.

Tipping saw cutting machine genuine replacement blade. We offer 165/305/405 mm.

Hole cutter

Internal wheel

Pure genuine replacement blade for Hall Ace. Various lineup from Φ11.5mm to 22.0mm.

Lineup of various types such as 25mm to 75mm, threaded / φ10 hole and so on.

Carbide bar

Diamond blade

Three types of carbide bars with shaft diameter 6mm are available.

For MC4A: Cutting and creasing for concrete, brick, block, etc.

Cup wire brush

N Grid brush

· Baby's definitive version · Class Max 1000W High performance small diameter motor installed
· Small diameter, double insulation, professional specifications

75mm ~ 165mm,Please choose according to usage.

MC4A base unit

Disk receiving / disc stopper nut

It is a base unit for cutter MC4A.

100mm receiving · 100mm stop / 125mm · 150mm · 180mm received
1250mm · 150mm · 180mm stop nut

Disk cover for cutting wheel

Rubber pad

A cutting cover for each model is available.

Various kinds of commercially available sandpaper pads are available.

Side handle

Straight attachment

For 100mm・For 125 to 180mm・For MDC 150A・MSS125AD

You can convert the shaft shape according to your tip tool.